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Replacement Conservatory Roof Wirral

If you choose the right replacement conservatory roof in the Wirral you get three amazing benefits.

Choose a Guardian Roof and you will get a roof which makes the conservatory a great space all year round, no longer will it be too hot in the summer or too cold in winter.

Guardian replacement conservatory roofs, available locally in the Wirral, also look great AND the switch makes long-term financial sense both in energy bill savings and adding value to the property.

Our solid, tiled replacement roofs also have full Local Area Building Control approval.

To help you find out more, we have provided links to key information below, including our comprehensive brochure.

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Key information about Guardian replacement conservatory roofs in Wirral

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If you want just one thing to read to get a full feel for the roofs, what they look like, the benefits, the work involved and more please take a look at our full brochure.

As you searched for replacement conservatory roof Wirral it is safe to assume you are considering upgrading a conservatory and have the typical problem of a room which is almost unusable for chunks of the year.

However, you might not be so familiar with Guardian Roofs and what our product offers.

In short, and as our testimonials show, we put things right! Glass and polycarbonate, the usual conservatory roof materials, are poor at the task, they are no good at regulating temperature hence why the room ends up so hot in summer, so cold in winter.

Our solid, tiled replacement conservatory roofs solve this issue, whatever the Wirral climate has to throw at you the conservatory will remain a pleasant space where you can sit back, unwind and enjoy the summer.

Getting a conservatory you can enjoy all year is perhaps the main benefit, but it is far from being the only one.

Our roofs also look great, as you can see from both the image gallery and range of styles. No longer will your conservatory look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, instead there will be a style to ensure it becomes a sympathetic extension. However, the room still remains bright and airy, you really do get the best of both worlds.

To get a feel for the styles, simply visit this page.

And we mentioned the switch making financial sense. Did you know that switching to a Guardian replacement conservatory roof could save Wirral homeowners more than £5,000 on their energy bills across the life of a mortgage – that’s based on a survey by Aecom. This is because the roof ensures much less heat is lost in winter and so the boiler can be on significantly less.

There can be an even greater financial benefit if you look to sell in future as the work often pays for itself and more. Our replacement conservatory roofs are a great selling point in the Wirral and beyond – a potential buyer is getting a sympathetic extension rather than a traditional conservatory with its inherent problems.

Of course, there is a lot of information to take in! Please take your time to have a look round the site, the links further up this page could prove useful.

And when you’re ready, get in touch so we can have an obligation-free chat and you can decide if a Guardian replacement roof is right for you.


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