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Guardian Conservatory Roof Wirral

A Guardian conservatory roof – available in the Wirral from trusted local installers, is a product which will transform the room.

Upgrade to a Guardian conservatory roof and your Wirral conservatory will instantly be a great space all year round, no longer will it be too hot in the summer and too cold in winter.

And our solid, tiled replacement roofs also look great, rather than a glass or polycarbonate roof which looks like a bolt-on to the house, your conservatory now looks like a sympathetic extension – we have a full range of styles so there is always a roof to match your Wirral property style.

A final benefit is that the work makes long-term financial sense, both in terms of energy bill savings and increasing the value of your property.

As our roofs also have full Local Area Building Control approval they really are the roofs you can buy with complete confidence.

Below we have links to some of the key information to help you make an informed decision.

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Key information about Guardian conservatory roofs in the Wirral

You can also request a quick quote just by filling out the form on the site, or get in touch to request a hard copy of the brochure.

In the links above there’s a fair amount of information to take in. But why in short do people choose to upgrade to a Guardian conservatory roof in the Wirral.

Undoubtedly the main reason is to turn their conservatory into the space it always should have been – the perfect space from which to enjoy the summer. Too often, with glass or polycarbonate roofs, the conservatory is a virtual no-go zone when the sun is shining. Our roofs change all that.

And that benefit cannot be overstated, rather than having a conservatory used only as extra storage, you have the perfect space from which to enjoy those gorgeous evenings or weekends, perhaps with a book and glass of wine to hand!

However, it is not the only benefit. The roofs also look great – and we’d recommend having a look at the gallery and range of styles so you can get a feel for yourself. Rather than looking like an addition to the house, the solid, tiled roof looks like a natural extension – however the room remains light and airy. You get the best of both worlds.

Finally, you can have this work and also be assured that it makes long-term financial sense. Every year you will enjoy energy bill savings and with energy prices only going one way, these will only grow. The savings come because far less heat is lost through the roof in winter so the boiler can be on significantly less.

Big savings with a Guardian conservatory roof in the Wirral

A study by Aecom put the saving at more than £5,000 over the life of a mortgage for a typical property.

Furthermore, if you ever look to sell the work to have a Guardian conservatory roof installed typically pays for itself in the Wirral housing market. Potential buyers are getting a great extension rather than a conservatory with its inherent problems – and this is work they are willing to pay for.

We appreciate that there is a lot of information to take in. Why not have a look round the site, get a feel for our product and what we do and whether it’s right for you.

And we would be delighted to answer any queries, or provide a quote. Simply get in touch either by phone or through this page.


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