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Guardian conservatory roof St Helens

Upgrade to a Guardian Conservatory Roof in St Helens and you will be making a decision which brings a range of noticeable benefits.

Available from local, top quality manufacturers and installers, a Guardian conservatory roof makes you ST Helens usable all year round.

And the solid, tiled roofs also look great, importantly there is a range of styles to ensure that if you do choose a Guardian roof it will blend in with the rest of your property. No longer need it look like a bolt on to the rest of the house.

The work also makes financial sense, both in the short and long term.

On this site there is a wealth of information about Guardian Conservatory Roofs in St Helens and we have provided links to the key pages below.

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Key information about the Guardian conservatory roof St Helens

If you want to know the likely cost, there is also a quick quote form on this site.

On this site there is a lot of information about the Guardian Conservatory Roof in St Helens. However, if you just want the headline information what are the key reasons to choose Guardian for your replacement roof.

The key reason is to get the conservatory you dreamt of. The problems with most conservatories are well known, they are too hot in summer, too cold in winter with the roof to blame.

But whereas glass or polycarbonate are terrible at regulating temperature, switching to a Guardian conservatory roof instantly gets rid of the problem no matter what the St Helens climate throws up.

A real difference

This benefit sounds simple, but the effect cannot be overstated, rather than your conservatory being a no-go zone during the summer it can become THE room to sit it, relax and unwind. Just have a look at some of the testimonials to get a feel for the difference the change made to past customers.

With a Guardian Roof the work is also stress free. Our roofs have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval and come with lengthy guarantees. Typically it also only takes three days from start to completion.

With Guardian you also get a conservatory roof to blend in with the rest of your St Helens property. We have a range of styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Gable and many more besides and all in a range of subtle colours. In short, we have a style to blend in with the rest of your property and turn the conservatory into what is effectively a sympathetic extension.

And our work also has major financial benefits, both in the short run and long.

If you ever look to sell, the work is likely to have paid for itself and more, in the St Helens housing market Guardian Conservatory Roofs are a strong selling point. From a buyer’s perspective they are getting a superb room, rather than a flawed conservatory which is out of bounds when the sun shines.

And even if you have no intention of moving – and why would you once your conservatory is transformed into the best room in the house – there are annual energy bill savings to be had.

According to a survey by AECOM these savings can be around £200 based on a typical home; the roof’s thermo efficiency means the boiler can be on far less.

We realise though that work on the home is not something to be undertaken lightly. Please have a look round the site and at the key information linked to above.

And we would be delighted to answer any queries, or provide a quote. Simply get in touch either by phone or through this page.


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