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Guardian conservatory roof Merseyside

The Guardian Conservatory Roof is available in Merseyside, offering three huge benefits.

These solid, tiled replacement roofs make the conservatory usable; they also look great both inside and out and the switch makes long-term financial sense.

And with the Guardian Conservatory Company, based in Merseyside, you can come into our showroom to see examples of the roofs and of course pick the brains of our friendly team.

To find out more, please take a look round the site and get in touch via our contact us page.

You can also find out some of the key information about the Guardian Conservatory Roof on these pages:

As you have arrived on this page about Guardian conservatory roofs in Merseyside it is safe to assume you know only too well the problems inherent with typical conservatory roofs. And it is these problems, the fact that traditional conservatory roofs are terrible at regulating temperatures, that led to the Guardian System being invented.

Guardian conservatory roof Merseyside – Peace of mind

And it is the Guardian roof which stands alone as having backing from authorities, only the Guardian system has Local Area Building Control approval as a replacement conservatory roof in Merseyside and beyond.

This means that while other options exist, you know that in choosing Guardian you can buy with complete confidence.

The reason Guardian has this approval is because authorities have tried and tested the product and are happy that its claims are justified.

Whereas glass or polycarbonate are terrible at regulating temperature, the solid, tiled replacement keeps the room within pleasant ranges. The conservatory becomes the perfect room from which to enjoy the summer rather than simply being a dumping ground or extra storage.

And that has to be the main benefit, it’s certainly why people get in touch with us to enquire about the Guardian conservatory roof in Merseyside. The conservatory should be the best room in the house in summer – with a Guardian roof that is exactly what it becomes. To find out, just come into the showroom for a look.

Just as importantly though, the roofs also look great. Most conservatory roofs look a bit of a bolt-on to the rest of the house, but with a Guardian Roof you can choose from a range of styles and in subtle colours to ensure that they blend in with the rest of your property. To see the full range, simply visit this page.

Internally too, there are a range of finishes to the lightweight roof to ensure the room remains light and airy – you want to keep the benefits of a conservatory but remove the usual downsides.

And choosing a Guardian Conservatory Roof in Merseyside has a third major benefit – and this one might be a pleasant surprise. The switch makes financial sense.

The U-value of 0.18 is six times better that of a glass roof, this means that in winter the energy bill will be greatly reduced and with energy prices only going one way these savings will grow exponentially.

Longer term, if you look to sell the work is also likely to have paid for itself and often much more. Any would-be buyer is getting what is effectively a great extension rather than a traditional conservatory with its inherent and well-known problems. In short, people in Merseyside are willing to pay for the benefits of a Guardian Conservatory Roof.

There is a wealth of information about the Guardian Roof on this site, please have a look round and call us on 0151 546 0516 with any queries, to arrange a quote or to discuss popping into our showroom to see examples of these great roofs.


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